Enrolments and Bookings

Enrolment information

2019 and December Vacation Care 2018 

Ironside State School P&C has released information regarding the enrolment process for 2019.

The Application Request form can also be found on the Ironside State School website here from 17th September. This form can be emailed on 10th October -please note early submissions will not be accepted.

The P&C Association will become the Approved Provider for outside school hours care at Ironside State School from 17th December 2018. The current Service Approval held by ICASAG will be transferred to the P&C on the 17th of December and  outside school hours care at Ironside State School will be called Ironside OSHC.

The three links below have important information explaining the first part of this transfer process which will be the implementation of the Ironside OSHC enrolment process.

P&C Letter Ironside OSHC

Waiting List Policy Ironside OSHC 

Enrolment Process for P&C Ironside OSHC 2018

The P&C Association and ICASAG are holding a Q&A session on Tuesday 18th September 6:15pm in the school hall.

You can also check the ICASAG FAQ _Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.        Ironside OSHC Top 10 FAQs enrol 2018       ** This link is the Top 10 questions answered by the P&C and may provide more information for families.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email pandcironside@gmail.com



Ironside OSHC Priority of Access for 2019

There is no internal wait list or priority given to families with existing bookings. No existing bookings will roll over to 2019.

All families requiring outside school hours care at Ironside OSHC will need to use this enrolment process.

(please refer to Waiting List Policy Ironside OSHC  for full policy information):

First Priority Children at risk of serious abuse or neglect, or anyone approved for Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS).
Second Priority Children of a sole parent who satisfies the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) test through paid employment.
Third Priority Children of parents who both satisfy the CCS test through paid employment, have a CCS subsidy percentage of 77% or higher and have at least 100 CCS subsidised hours per fortnight.
Fourth Priority Children of parents who both satisfy the CCS test through paid employment.
Fifth Priority Any other child


Enrolling at ICASAG until December 2018

Thank you for looking to enrolling your child into Outside School Hours Care at Ironside Community After School Activities Group. Please note; we are currently do not have any permanent bookings available, and there is a considerable wait list for permanent positions. You are welcome to enrol and request a booking which will add your family to the wait list.

At ICASAG we manage all our enquiries online through the My Family Lounge (MFL) service. To enrol for permanent bookings please follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1
For NEW families to the service who have not used My Family Lounge before, please click on the REGISTER button in the MFL Parent Sign-In widget below. You will be taken through to a registration process to create your My Family Lounge account.
For NEW families who have used My Family Lounge at a different service please skip to step 2!

Step 2

Log into your MFL account and complete the enrolment form for your child and request the bookings you are after.

Step 3

If we have a spot available, we will email you an offer and ask you to accept the offer and complete and submit the Enrolment Form in the portal.

My Family Lounge- 'How To' videos

Casual Bookings

To book casual days, please click the buttons below to download the My Family Lounge App and use your current MFL account to book the day/s required.


Fee Schedule  -Please use this link to see the fees and charges associated with Outside School Hours Care at ICASAG.