Important updates



This is due to the school hall being used for the pyjama disco and no other space being available for ICASAG.

QK KIOSK Signing In and Out of ICASAG.
ICASAG has introduced an electronic attendance system. All parents and caregivers must sign their child in or out of ICASAG with their unique pin number.
It is essential for our safety records that we have an accurate record of who has collected each child in case of emergencies. Please do not share PIN numbers and no children are to access the ICASAG Samsung tablets. If a child accesses QK Kiosk, we will reset your PIN number.
Booking Requests
Changes in permanent bookings require a new Booking Request on My Family Lounge and this will be processed via the ICASAG waiting list.
Requests for bookings or changes to bookings are part of an application process only.
The booking is not confirmed until you receive an offer from ICASAG, and this offer has been accepted and confirmed. Please do not assume you have a booking in place unless the request has been confirmed. If you require care in the meantime, please access the casual bookings via My Family Lounge.
Holding Fee:
There is an upfront and non-refundable $13.00 per day fee to hold open a permanent booking.
Swapping sessions:
Due to the waiting list at ICASAG, there is no session swapping. To change a session you will need to make a casual booking on My Family Lounge.
Please give two weeks notice is required for cancelled permanent bookings.
Please notify us of your child’s absence using;
  • the mobile phone app version of My Family Lounge
  • text on 0406739756
  • phone on 07 3870 9849
  • email

so that we are able to ensure all children are safe in a timely manner.

Please be aware that you have 42 rebated absences in any one 12 month period. Full fees will be charged after this time.
Non-communication Fee:
If ICASAG staff members have to contact you when you have not informed us that your child is absent to check that your child is safe, there will be a non-communication Fee of $5.00 applied to your account.
Extra Curricular Activities:
No children will be escorted to any extra curricular activities without an up-to-date and accurate permission form. A new permission form  needs to be completed at least every term or every change in activity session.
Please see the Bookings and Enrolments page for a PDF of the Activities Permission Form.
Please note: If an activity provider changes the day of an activity and you need to change the day of care, you will need to make a Booking Request in My Family Lounge and this will be processed as per the wait list policy.
Please note: ICASAG only escorts children to activities on the Ironside State School site.
ICASAG educators will have children ready to be collected by a staff member from Georgie Parks Swim School. ICASAG educators will not be accompanying children into the pool area.  A staff member from Georgie Parks Swim School will bring your child back to ICASAG and we will sign them back in to our care after their lesson.