Our Facilities

As Ironside OSHC operates within Ironside State School, our activities are predominately held on school grounds. Our activity areas during normal hours of care are as follows:

Arts and Crafts Room

A place for children to explore their creativity, the arts and crafts room is host to everything a child needs to find their inner artist. From acrylics to zips, the art room equips children with everything they could imagine to design, create and discover. This area is also designated for board games and Lego play.

Basketball Court

The basketball court is a place for children to play basketball and other activities during operating hours, overlooking the swimming pool and arts room. During vacation care, this area is popular for go-karting and jumping castles.


Predominately used for indoor sports and games, hall facilities are equipped with a fully functional media station which accommodates for film and television. The hall is also used as the initial meeting point for children to receive their afternoon tea and announcements for daily activities.

Homework Club

Ironside Community’s go-to resource for extracurricular and academic study is the homework club, situated adjacent to the hall. Students may attend the club to further progress with assignments, or seek help from educators should assistance be required.


Large scale sporting activities such as soccer and cricket are played on the oval, with fields extending from the arts room to the hall. This area is wide enough to accommodate for two primary field games whilst still allowing for smaller groups of outdoor play.


Catering for both grades 4-7 and under, Ironside Community is host to two individual playgrounds designed to challenge all ages in their play. Situated adjacent to the oval, the lower playground places emphasis on physical development whilst the upper playgrounds house the traditional flying foxes and slides. 

Undercover Areas

Both L-Block and J-Block undercover areas play spaces for children to participate in construction and semi-active activities.