Our Structure

Ironside Community After School Activities Group (ICASAG) is an incorporated, not-for-profit community based organisation that provides out of school hours’ care to Ironside State School.

ICASAG and the service provided is administered by a Management Committee which is responsible for ensuring that the service provided meets relevant legislative and accreditation standards. The Committee is comprised of parent representatives in the roles of President, Treasurer and Secretary and a number of Ordinary Members.

ICASAG’s staffing includes a Coordinator/ Educational Leader, two Assistant Coordinators, Supervisors (as required) and a number of Educators. As well as these roles we also have a bookkeeper that reports directly to the Committee and is paid on annual contract.

The Operations Manager (Nominated Supervisor) is responsible for the operational management of ICASAG and is accountable to the Management Committee. The ICASAG Organisational Chart is found at Appendix A and shows these reporting relationships as well as relevant legislative, governmental and supporting Association relationships.

The Coordinator/ Educational Leader is responsible for the day to day running of the service and is generally the responsible person in charge of the service. The coordinator is accountable to the Operations Managaer and the management committee


Service Details  Ironside Community After School Activities Group Incorporated
Provider approval  PR-00000598
Service Approval SE-00000879
Prescribed Conditions The approval is granted subject to the conditions as set out in Section 51 of the Education & Care Services National Law and any conditions prescribed in the Education & Care Services National Regulations.
Other Conditions The Service is Approved to provide Education & Care to children from over Preschool age including school children. An approved alternative solution relating to Performance criteria P16 Electrical Safety within SP5.4 Child Care Centres of the QLD Development Code (with a publication date of 1 November 2004) applies to this service.
Nominated Supervisor Kellie McRobert
Coordinator Vanessa Sultana
Rating Working Towards
Complaints Complaints may be addressed to:
Kellie McRobert, Operations Manager, 0406 739 756
Michaela Sargent, Committee President, 0412 785 267
Responsible person in charge of the E&C service Kellie McRobert (Nominated Supervisor) or Vanessa Sultana, Coordinator  0406 739 756
Educational leader Vanessa Sultana, Coordinator
President Michaela Sargent
Vice President Rubie Noronha
Secretary Elizabeth Ngawaka
Treasurer Jay Siva
Committee Members Dyan Johnson, Amy Nelson, Megan Breen, Mary Anne Bennett, Patrick Laio, Yi Han Toh, Kath Cordeiro, Shahrzad (Sherri) Gohar