Vacation Care

Vacation Care


Ironside Community After School Activity Group.

Vacation Care bookings open 4 weeks before the vacation care is due to begin. The programme and any permission forms will be added to this page at the same time.

Winter Vacation Care Programme and permissions

Please use the My Family Lounge service to book Vacation Care using the  Casual Bookings section. Please note: this does not mean you will be charged the casual rate. If you place a booking at Vacation Care anytime up to Sunday 17th June you will be eligible for the Earlybird, or lower ‘permanent’ Fee of $45.00 per day.

Any bookings after the due date on the programme, which is Monday 18th June,  will incur the higher ‘casual’ Fee of $52.00 per day.

Vacation Care cancellations 

Any cancellations made with 2 weeks, or less, before Vacation Care begins, including cancellations during Vacation Care, will incur the full Fee due to the need to roster staff for the children who are booked into care.

Please note: All excursions fees will be charged once permission is signed. There is no refund for excursion costs due to the need to book outside providers such as buses.